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Welcome back Everleigh Fam! I hope you all had such a great Halloween weekend, I know I did! This week I am so excited to talk about a trend that I am so happy has not fallen off yet, athleisure! Ever since the pandemic started, athleisure has been such a go-to staple for many celebrities and influencers and has impacted trends and style immensely. I am so happy that this trend exists because it is the perfect mix of comfort and casual and is so acceptable in today’s society. If styled correctly, you can elevate your look to be so effortless and elegant, people won’t even believe you’re wearing sweatpants!

One of my favorites we have at Everleigh is our matching Leopard Print Sweat set. Super trendy leopard print pattern, cropped hoodie, elastic waistband, and lightweight fabric make this the best go-to outfit for running errands or simply just lounging around. The crop of the hoodie paired with the elastic waistband gives the body a beautiful shape and is absolutely so flattering! One of my favorite ways to wear athleisure is a matching set, because it feels like all the work is already done for you! There is no need to stress over finding the perfect top and what bottoms will match, the set’s already complete! It will feel so effortless, but look so chic! Pair with your favorite sneakers, or get really creative with a pair of high-shaft boots to elevate your look more! Throw on a blazer, longline overcoat, or zip-up for an extra layering piece and accent with your favorite jewelry!

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leopard print set

If you don’t have any matching sets, don’t worry! This trend revolves around all types of comfortable clothing! Most days, I prefer to wear a crop sweatshirt with baggy joggers and my favorite pair of sneakers. It doesn’t always have to be a matching set! With leggings, I love an oversized baggy sweatshirt with my favorite pair of stretchy leggings! As soon as I tried these leggings on, it was like a match made in heaven! So buttery soft and stretchy, it feels luxurious! And the best part is, there’s pockets! It is so hard for me to find a good pair of leggings with pockets!! I am loving this color for the season as well! Such a great statement to pair with a neutral color top. I paired this with my favorite pair of purple Nike’s for a monochromatic look! Also, loving the sleeves on this hoodie! Feels so oversized, but is cropped which is great if you decide to wear it with jeans or sweatpants! To elevate the look even more, opt for a longer baggier sweatshirt and add a belt bag to cinch the waist and provide shape!

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grey cropped hoodie and leggings with pockets



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