The Adventure Continues

Hello again! 

It’s the end of the second week in Italy! Classes have officially begun, and I have to say, it’s not fun being reminded that I’m not here on vacation. At least some of our classes are fun. For example, for my Italian Fashion and Culture class we took our field trip to Siena on Friday. It was amazing. We visited a famous café/bar called Nannini’s which had the best caffe latte I’ve tried yet and some amazing pastries. Next, we went to Palazzo Publico, which is essentially the old city hall of Siena. There were amazing art pieces on all the walls that described the Italian government. Learning about the history of the city was fascinating, especially because I love history. We also visited the Duomo, the unfinished cathedral. It may have been unfinished, but it was still the most beautiful architecture/art I’ve ever seen. It was like nothing else. We went to a farm restaurant called Il Ciliego for a 5-course lunch. As it was a little fancier, I dressed up my sweater and jeans with Everleigh’s black trench coat and finished the look with our silver heart earrings. A perfect look for pictures and warm enough for the chilly Siena weather! Overall, it was an amazing experience, and I’m happy I get to share it! Thanks for reading! 

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