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My week went by so fast. We only had classes Monday through Wednesday. Thursday and Friday, we took a school trip to Milan! First, I have to say, Milan is the most beautiful city I’ve ever seen. I am so in love. It’s a mix of New York and Paris, the perfect balance of historical and modern. Milan is mesmerizing. And it helps that we went during fashion week!

Both of our days were packed with activities and events. First on our schedule was a tour of the art exhibition “Igloos” by Mario Merz. I’ve never really understood modern art, so this wasn’t really for me, but I still enjoyed looking around and taking lots of pictures. After that, we had a break for lunch and of course, shopping! My friends and I went to a small café for a quick lunch and then explored the shopping district. We went into Sephora, Adidas, Christian Louboutin (my personal favorite), and more. We also went into our first concept store, 10 Corso Como. If you are ever in Milan, I highly suggest checking it out. Even though everything is insanely expensive, it’s fun to look around. They also have a café, which we unfortunately didn’t have time to go to. After our lunch break, my group went to the Paul Klee art exhibit. This display was interactive, so it interested me more than the other exhibit. Next, we went to the Gianfranco Ferré Foundation. We got to see the sketches and garments of a very influential fashion designer. It was fascinating. 

The second day was just as full. We started by eating breakfast at our hostel and checking out. Our first visit was to the store Tod’s. We got a tour of the store, learned about the history of the brand, their offerings, and a little bit about how they do business. It was a lot more interesting than I expected. We had another lunch and shopping break after that. We were in a different area of Milan, so we got to see new stores and explore new places. We went to la Rinascente, which is a gigantic department store that I also highly recommend visiting if you’re ever in Milan, Bershka, Miu Miu, and any other store that caught our interest. I actually got to do some shopping at Bershka because it was within my budget! After shopping, we went to Five Guys for lunch, which is the little taste of home I really needed. It was amazing. Next, we went to the Milan Cathedral and took lots of pictures. After all that we had to meet back up with our school group to go to the next event. We went to a trade show called “The One.” It was really cool to see what industry professionals really do, but the trade show was all fur and leather. Considering fur is a no-no in America, it was a very strange experience, but still very interesting. Our last event was at the Fashion Hub Market. We got to see a show filled with emerging fashion designers. It was probably the coolest thing I’ve ever done. 

With it being fashion week, naturally I had to be dressing to the nines. And since it was nice outside, I got to wear a dress and a skirt! I finished off my outfits with the Everleigh Silver Dagger Necklace. 

So that was my super busy weekend, and it was only Thursday and Friday! As amazing as Milan is, it is equally as exhausting. My roommates and I slept almost all day Saturday. Milan has been my favorite trip by far. Anyway, the moral of the story is that I am going to live in Milan one day. Even if it’s only for a year, I will live in Milan at some point in my life. I think everyone should at least visit once, and fall in love with the city like I did. Thanks for reading! 

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Tod's Display

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