Letters to Juliet

Hello again everyone! 

These past couple weeks have been a little crazy. Missing my family and friends has hit me hard recently. I underestimated how much being away from home would affect me. I’ve always been a homebody, so it’s been tough being in a completely different country. However, I’m still making my way. I’m still keeping up with classes and traveling with friends which makes it a little easier. This weekend, my friends and I went to Verona for the St. Valentines Festival and then to Venice for the first day of Carnivale. 

Verona was amazing. We visited Juliet’s Balcony first. Did you know that writing letters to Juliet is a real thing? It’s not just in a movie with Amanda Seyfried. You can write letters to Juliet, put them in her mailbox, and a team of people will write back and send it to you (if you put a return address!) After finding this out, naturally we all had to write letters to Juliet. I bought a love locket and wrote my name and my boyfriend’s name on it and put it on the gate. There was a heart maze in the main square that we visited with chocolates, roses, and an adorable background to take pictures on. We also visited the Giusti gardens, which is breathtaking. We saw plenty of couples spending their Valentine’s Day having a picnic and watching the sunset. Overall, it was very romantic. 

Next, we visited Venice for the first day of Carnivale. We visited the Rialto Bridge, Piazzo San Marco, and walked along the river. We also visited plenty of mask shops. We all bought some masks and took plenty of pictures in them. When it got closer to nightfall, we started to see plenty of people coming out in their Carnivale costumes. There were women wearing full hoop skirts with full wigs towering over their heads. It was a sight to see. Venice was awesome, but Verona was my personal favorite. 

Here are some pictures of my weekend trip. Of course, I had to wear red for Valentine’s Day in the true city of love, and I accessorized my outfit with the Everleigh silver V-shaped pendant necklace. Plus, it was actually warm enough to go without my coat! Talk about a Valentine’s miracle. 

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