National Sweater Day

Posted by Jennifer Kirk on

Happy National Sweater day everyone! This holiday makes me happy. Who doesn't love a warm and comfy sweater? Did you know that there is a history behind today? National Sweater Day is about environmental control. During the cold winters we typically turn up the thermostats causing bills to be high and increase the amount of fuel that heats our homes. Home heating methods consist of coal, oil and natural gas. The costs to collect these fuels are high and have negative impacts on the environment. I will be celebrating National Sweater Day by putting on Everleigh's Black and White Striped Sweater and turning down my heat to help save fuel. I know my bank account will be happy when the heating bill is due. Let's talk about what Everleigh has planned for National Sweater Day.  Today only, we are offering $10 off all sweaters and jackets when using code GETCOZY10 at checkout. We have a style for everyone! Whether you are a cropped, cardigan, oversized or open stitch sweater kind of gal, we have you covered! Happy Shopping! 


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